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This website offers a free service to the general public and its content is aimed at those who live near or are visiting Reading. To keep this site free we expect all users to abide by UK and international laws and also be respectful of other users regardless of any personal differences.

We also do not allow the trading of goods and services via our forums, comment boxes or personal messages.

We reserve the right to remove users, posts and any other content on the site that our administrators, moderators or general users deem to be offensive, illegal or for no given reason. We may also contact your ISP if you break UK or international laws or become a nuisance on the site. We also reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.



All adverts (including promotions) must not strobe in any way and cannot contain any material that violates the general terms and conditions.


General Sales

Age Restricitons - You agree that you are the same or above the age for any restricted items sold on the website, this includes tickets and knifes, alcohol etc. Any minimum age shall be specified next to the product when browsing the catalogue.

Cancelling Products - If you decide you don't want an item after you have placed an order then please contact us and if it hasn't been processed then we shall cancel the item and issue a refund for that product. Refunds will be made back by the original payment method and if by card to the original card. We have no way around this as this is an automatic process. If however you decide you don't want a product within 7 days after receiving it then please contact us upon which we shall advise you on returning the product to us. We shall refund the product upon receiving the goods and in a satisfactory condition. You the customer are responsible for adequately insuring and paying for this postage and following the return instructions given to you by our staff.

Delivery Policy - We only delivery to the United Kingdom and aim to be as close as possible to the delivery date but some factors out of our control make prevent us from doing this. We shall make alternative arrangements with couriers and alert our customers if we see potential issues arrising.

Delivery Errors - If a product is not delivered you need to contact us a maximum of 7 days after the final delivery date for us to investigate we will then take the most appropriate action.

Currency - We only accept UK sterling paid on cards with a UK address. Please bear this in mind when deciding your method of payment.

Orders can be cancelled after making them if we have a valid reason for doing so. We shall be in contact with you if this situation occurs, for this reason please make sure your details are as accurate as possible when entering them during the checkout phase.

We will not be liable for any breach of sales contract when a delay is out of our control however we shall make arrangements to find alternative ways to complete the contract.

If a transaction cannot be completed for whatever reason then we shall contact you on the email address provided to arrange a different payment method. If we do not hear from you within 7 days after the order has been placed then we shall assume you no longer wish to continue and shall cancel the order and refund any monies paid so far.


Damages - If a product is delivered or it fails within the warranty period (normally 1 year) then please contact us so we can make arrangements to amend this. If the product is damaged due to misuse, misunderstanding or general wear and tear, we are unable to repair this under the standard warranty and we shall provide you with contact details to arrange replacement parts/product which could cost you.


It is your responsibility to keep your details with us accurate as we will contact you regarding cancellations or errors with regards to these tickets.

Readinginfo.co.uk sells these tickets on behalf of either the venue, promoter, producer, production company or Readinginfo. As these are E-Tickets we reserve the right to cancel this and any other purchased tickets if you unlawfully re-sell or use to promote your or any other business through advertising, promotions, sweepstakes or competitions unless you have obtained written permission from us and all parties involved in the event.

Any refunds that occur for tickets or other items on the site can only be refunded in the same way that it was purchased and to the same account/card (if cheque or card payments). This standard practise is to prevent fraud and is also a requirement by our bank.

We truly aim for everything on the website to be correct, however we cannot guarantee this due to human error so we shall try and rectify any mistakes that are made. If we discover an error with the price of this ticket we shall contact you to either reconfirm the order at the correct price (and credit or debit your account to fulfill the correct payment) or give you the option to cancel the tickets. If we are unable to contact you using the details supplied in the checkout process you agree that we can treat your order as cancelled and will issue you a full refund.

If an event is fully cancelled we shall offer seats at a rescheduled performance to the email address given during the checkout process up to the value of the original ticket price. If you the ticket holder are unable to attend the rescheduled performance or one is not available we will offer the opportunity of a refund to the card you originally paid on. If an event occurs over more than one day and one of a few of those is cancelled then a partial refund for the cancelled days will be offered via the email address given during the checkout process. Regrettably this is the only time that we can issue refunds and we cannot issue refunds if you change your mind.

Some tickets may have age or other restrictions which will be made clear at point of sale. By purchasing tickets with these restrictions you agree that the people you have bought tickets for are eligible to attend the event and we cannot refund or exchange any tickets purchased where attendees are or would be refused entry due to these restrictions.

The venue reserves the right to refuse admission, eject or conduct security searches under their own rules and regulations including but not limiting to, using photographic or recording equipment, unacceptable and/or drunken behaviour, violence, or behaviour that could cause injury or offence without issuing a refund or exchange. Full details of these rules are obtainable from the venues in which their contact details are available from our website, please let us know if you can't find them.

If you are late, every effort shall me made to admit you during a suitable break in the event except when your tickets have time restrictions, however we cannot guarantee this and cannot issue refunds or exchanges for those who are not admitted. If your tickets are reserved but not paid for then we can only keep these seats reserved till an appropriate time before the performance starts. For smaller theatres this is normally 5 minutes, for larger theatres this can increase to 15 minutes so that everyone can be seated and ready for the show to start.

Your ticket(s) correspond to a specific area in the venue and you cannot switch to a different price area or seat upon arrival. Please check with the venue upon arrival.

There may be film or sound recording arranged by either the venue or production company and you consent to being recorded as a member of the audience.


Unpaid Items

If whilst making a payment we suffer costs due to lack of funds in your bank account we may charge you for the cost incurred and delay delivery until full payment has been made.

Cheques : £5
Debit & Credit Cards: 5


  1. 13/10/10 - Updated details regarding late entry, unacceptable behavior and Unpaid Items
  2. 09/10/10 - Added details regarding incomplete transactions
  3. 25/05/10 - Major Update - Added details regarding products and updated terminology in other sections
  4. 17/03/10 - Added details regarding the trading of goods via forums etc.
  5. 01/02/10 - Improved Wording in general terms & conditions and advertising. Also added sub title to general.
  6. 08/12/09 - Added details regarding unpaid items
  7. 27/11/09 - Added more information regarding late comers to shows where customers have reserved and not purchased. Updated details regarding refunds to tickets purchasers and specifying refund payments must be to same account/card.
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